and this is how we first "Klis"

Skin wellness, Mind wellness and Environment Wellness. These are the guiding principles which inspired me to start Klis Beauty. As my mind and body refines or evolves, I’ve come to appreciate that natural is always better than synthetic, and less is more. It took a while to fully appreciate this simple idea, but as I’ve learned through my journey in skincare, I’ve come to embrace that health, beauty, and the environment can and should go hand in hand. It shouldn’t be mutually exclusive or achieving one at the expense of the other.

Klis Beauty is devoted to providing individuals of all skin types a line of non-toxic and high-quality skincare products for youthful, glowing skin. More importantly, to develop clean, effective, and safe ingredient skincare products that is good for you and the planet. Beauty is not defined by comparison but self-acceptance, self-progress, and self-love. Klis embraces body positive culture, regardless of age, race, or gender….to make you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.

Building a Brighter, Cleaner Future, One Klis at a Time!

Terry T.  

our finest silk

How Silk is Made


Hand Picked

  Our silk is grown and picked from mulberry trees. It is then prrocessed and trimmed before sending it off for drying.


Drying Process

After harvesting the silk, it is placed on flat trays for drying. Once drying is completed, it will be sent to the factory for processing.


Stretch Dry

 The final process requires the silk to be stretch dried outside at a specific temperature requirement.