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Makeup Remover Pads and Face Washcloth Bundle

100% natural material – Made with 100% chemical-free natural raw silk

Dual-sided 4 layered silk – Both sides are useable and made with substantial 4 layers of 100% natural raw silk for strength and durability better cleaning, exfoliation and application

Weaved design – Artistically hand-woven interlaced design adds attractiveness and flexible texture to help lift away impurities and dead skin cells easily

Square design offers a bigger cleaning surface area

100% Silk-colored hanging strap – Hanging straps are pigmented with natural plant-based dye which makes organizing and air drying a breeze. 

Convenient finger pocket feature is brilliant to avoid odd fingernails in the eye and gives you total control and ease for any application.

Benefits of Silk

Why Choose Our Silk

*Peace Silk (cocoons are processed for silk after the moth flies out or after the caterpillar is removed)
*100% natural (non-GMO and grown without synthetic fertilizers
*Safe and non-toxic
*Chemical-free (no harmful dyes or additives)
*Sustainable / Eco-friendly

Best of all, it is pure, natural and clean beauty!

Since silk is a natural fiber, it is inherently sustainable and non-damaging to the environment. The harvesting and production of wild silk does not have any negative environmental impact.

Instructions and Care

Beautifying Steps

Recommended for daily use.
*Moisten wash cloth in warm water and remove cleanser using gentle circular motion. Rinse cloth with warm water and follow with a final sweep over face. Pat dry your face.
*Clean, Rinse and Repeat!
*Klis Silk wash towel can be used wet or dry. For more intense exfoliating, use dry. Wet cloth for more gentle cleansing
*Use daily in the shower to exfoliate and stimulate circulation
*You can use one Klis silk cloth to cleanse and a second silk cloth to gently pat dry face

Care Instructions.

*Hand wash silk cloth with warm water and mild soap after each use. Straighten out cloth and hang dry.
*Machine wash in mesh bag on delicate cycle with gentle detergent weekly to refresh. Hang dry only.
*Do NOT machine dry. Do not bleach or softener.