Reusable Makeup Remover
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Ideal for all skin types, especially for sensitive and acne skins.

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Silk contains natural proteins and 18 of the esstential amino acids.

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Helps speed up metabolism of skin cells, replenishing at faster rate.

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Our Story

Skin wellness, Mind wellness and Environment Wellness. These are the guiding principles which inspired me to start Klis Beauty. As my mind and body refines or evolves, I’ve come to appreciate that natural is always better than synthetic, and less is more. It took a while to fully appreciate this simple idea, but as I’ve learned through my journey in skincare, I’ve come to embrace that health, beauty, and the environment can and should go hand in hand. It shouldn’t be mutually exclusive or achieving one at the expense of the other.

XOXO Terry T.


What Our Customers
Are Saying

I Love It!

"Great product. I finally don't have to keep buying the cotton stuff. The pads can be washed and reused. Thanks!"

Reusable and Very Soft

"I have to say, this is a no-brainer. The silk pads works exceptionally well. I washed them a few times and it gets the job done."

Makeup Remover Pads and Face Washcloth Bundle

Special Deal

Makeup Remover Pads and Face Washcloth Bundle


100% natural material – Made with 100% chemical-free natural raw silk

Dual-sided 4 layered silk – Both sides are useable and made with substantial 4 layers of 100% natural raw silk for strength and durability better cleaning, exfoliation and application

Weaved design – Artistically hand-woven interlaced design adds attractiveness and flexible texture to help lift away impurities and dead skin cells easily

Square design offers a bigger cleaning surface area

100% Silk-colored hanging strap – Hanging straps are pigmented with natural plant-based dye which makes organizing and air drying a breeze. 

Convenient finger pocket feature is brilliant to avoid odd fingernails in the eye and gives you total control and ease for any application.

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